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Read on to Discover the TRUTH About Love and Relationships. 

The Truth That Will Have Your Lover Whispering Their Deepest Desires One Moment, Screaming in Ecstasy the Next, and Asking Themselves “How’d I Get so Lucky to Have You in My Life?”

If you are SINGLE... This information will assist you to PREPARE yourself for your next relationship and enjoy this time on your own.

If you are in a PARTNERSHIP... this information will guide you to UNLOCK profound levels of love, intimacy, and joy in your current relationship.

You were never taught these principles about love & sexuality at school! Nobody was!

These are the conscious, foundational tools to create a loving, joyful, an expanded love & sex life.

From: Stephen James Burford, Founder of ULS & Raw Attraction Magazine

RE: Your Love Life 

We’ve heard it described a million times...the “honeymoon” period - that time when both people in a relationship are high on their own neuro-chemicals that make them crave each other.

Conventional wisdom tells us this last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. After that we’re expected to resign ourselves to late nights of sexless TV-watching and dull household chores while our dream relationship disappears before our eyes. 


Personally, I couldn’t buy it. 

Deep down I knew relationships had be MORE. 

I thought to myself, “there must be ways that we can not only keep the spark alive, but THRIVE - so that our sexual connection, our emotional bond, our intellectual, heck our SPIRITUAL bond was so strong that we became inseparable...and insatiable for each other.” 

I didn’t know how this was possible, I just felt it within me

Yelling and fighting over the dishes is NEVER about the dishes. 

We could be distracted by the plates shattering against the wall, the temper tantrums, the blocked calls, and late nights drinking with the guys or gossiping with the girls, even the lack of any sexual touch...or we could question it all and ask “What’s the REAL issue?” 

Divorce and separation are commonplace today. 

Our culture makes it easy to blame our throw them away and start over. We’re addicted to the quick fix that makes us feel better now, never fully solving the deeper issues within ourselves...never realizing the RAW TRUTH. 

If you’re like me, you saw your parents struggle; shouting at each other, having the police come to the house, numbing the pain with drinks or prescription pills, both people talking and no one listening, or worse, no one talking at all. 

Why didn’t they not know how to love better?  

I swore I wouldn’t end up like them... 

Yet there was a problem. I found out this relationship thing was not so easy. As much as I tried not to, I soon found myself slipping into the same dysfunction as my parents. 

I quickly realized I needed something they didn’t have...I needed community and structure, a reference group for a new model of relationships. 

If our parents provided my model of relationship, then the only way to change that model would to be join some sort of mastermind where I could learn a new model...otherwise I’d repeat the same mistakes as my parents, over and over again, for the rest of my life. 

My Story  

Back when I was 27, like many young guys who wanted a girlfriend, I turned to learning pick up. 

I soon found myself in the world of “day game” in London, learning from some of the best “pick-up artists” out there. While it was useful tool to help me meet women during the day and date them, it didn’t help me get a girlfriend. 

Yes, I learned how to build attraction in a short period of time but I kept asking myself “how do I do that over one year, two years? How can I attract a high quality relationship into my life?” 

I found that the bottom line is you have to work on yourself

Many of the women I met felt entitled to the perfect man, yet they didn’t invest in themselves. They didn’t step back and look for better ways to communicate, how to practice self-care, or expand themselves sexually. 

Neither myself nor the women in my life had what I searched for. I just couldn’t understand why. 

I realized that of us had been ruined by our cultural conditioning when it came to creating a great relationship. My parents surely showed me how NOT to have a relationship. 

So, I went searching for answers. 

That search became a journey around the world. 

I had a deep transformative experience in Guatemala at a sacred sexuality workshop that changed how everything. I went to full body orgasm workshops in Prague, and kink workshops in Berlin. 

I found the world’s best experts on love and relationships and I interviewed them. I prized open their minds.

It was during this process that I started to attract different women that I could potentially have a relationship with. 

One woman in Austin, Texas simply blew me away in terms of how we connected. 

The sex was on another level. I felt like she unleashed the beast within me... in a good way. 

Not only that… our conversations were as good as our mind blowing sex. 

Things were really changing for me as I began to understand deeper male and female dynamics. I soon realized how the path of love shows us everything that’s NOT love, inviting us to grow and move beyond. 

There will always be tough times. Nobody is immune to it! 

We’ve all got our wounds, communication issues, and hang-ups to work on…

I soon started seeing patterns my relationships, especially the latest one. I realized most couples argue over surface level issues and never really fix anything. 

They didn’t work on changing the patterns, only the manifestations of those patterns. 

So I went to work, bringing all the people who helped me, to create a university that would educate others in the most crucial lessons, to provide the most valuable tools, and to bring to light the most powerful mindset shifts that will result in better sex, deeper intimacy, and SUSTAINABLE love inside a relationship. 

I began sharing this Love and Sex University with others and have received amazing feedback. 

Now I’m here offering you a chance to access this incredible body of knowledge and wisdom. 

To give you an idea of what you’ll learn in this university, I want to share a couple powerful mindset shifts that will alter every relationship you have from here on out. 

For all the MEN reading this: When a woman in your life comes to you, upset and crying or freaking out, what’s your first impulse? 

Most likely, you’ll want to FIX the problem. This means defending her (or yourself) in some way or coming up with an action plan that she can take right now to make her problem go away. Problem solved right? 


When a woman comes to you in this vulnerable state, she isn’t looking for a solution, at least not yet. She’s looking for someone to support her; to understand what she’s going through, and to be there for her. 

This means LISTENING and then RELATING to what she said. Let her know it’s OK to feel the way she does. Focus on holding space for her to fully process an emotion. 

This means not trying to change the way she feels, but instead just letting her move through the emotion.  

Eventually, the emotion will pass and she’ll feel better and will be open to a solution. 

Relating to her like this will make her feel so much more close to you and TRUST you - she’ll know you can handle her and aren’t afraid of her emotions like most other guys. 

For all the WOMEN reading this: When the man in your life seems distant and withdrawn, and maybe you already KNOW why, what’s your first impulse? 

Most likely, you’ll want to address the issue directly by sitting them down and hashing it out right now, face-to-face. 

As he withdraws and avoids the issue, that just means that you have to push harden and force him to listen to you and take you seriously...right? 

Not exactly. 

One thing most women don’t understand is just how incredibly sensitive men really are. Just because they don’t show it, doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. 

They do. Trust me. 

Instead of pushing the emotional issues that you feel are so vitally important for the relationship, try a more indirect route. 

Take a page out of the bromance playbook... how do men bond with each other? They do this side-by-side. 

Think of any sport - teammates are always side-by-side (football, basketball, baseball) and the opponent is face-to-face with them. 

Who’s more comfortable in therapy? Women, of course. No man wants to come face-to-face with any emotional issues (at least not until they go through a training like this one). 

If you want to reach the man in your life, do it indirectly. Go for a walk, bring up the issue lightly, in a non-threatening way. Give him space to open up, and be emotionally soothing and supportive. 

This stuff is not always easy. In fact, there are times when both people need support. That’s why I’ve put together this training. 

Whether you’re single, or in a relationship, you can equip yourself with the tools and processes for getting through these tough issues, and even equip your lover with the same perspectives and tools. 

Don’t Take My Word For It  

Our Raw Attraction Magazine website has been visited over 10 million times in the last 4 years, we have had over 500,000 downloads of our podcast and our teachers have a combined reach of more than 25 million people. 

Our teachers have over 150 years teaching experience about relationships and sexuality between them. 

Together, we’re focused on giving you the tools that change your life and your relationship...You just have to use them!  

Our Love and Sex University gives you access to video training from the world’s best sex and relationship experts, all focused on taking your love life to the next level. 

Have a look below to see exactly what is in each module... 

In this module you will learn:

  ✔️  The #1 action that keeps your sex life alive in a long term relationship. Hint: do this at least once a week. (Video 1)

  ✔️  How to flirt inside a long term relationship to keep sexual energy alive. (Video 2)

  ✔️  Why going straight for penetrative sex can actually turn a woman OFF... & what to do instead. (Video 2)

  ✔️  Ways to touch a woman to increase her sexual desire. (Video 2)

  ✔️  How to always know where to touch a woman. Hint: it changes every time you have sex...yet once you learn this subtle skill, you’ll never wonder again. (Video 2)

  ✔️  A simple “penis” technique to do right before penetration that makes her beg for sex. Hint: this is NEVER done in porn so most guys don't do it even though women love it. (Video 2)

  ✔️  One common habit that kills sexual attraction and what to do instead. Hint: this usually creeps up in long term relationships and leads to less sex... yet by doing this 30 second daily exercise you can ensure long-lasting intimacy. (Video 3)

  ✔️  How to ask for what you want during sex in a way that makes your lover want to satisfy you. Hint: If you don’t ask like this, you risk offending or rejecting your partner and killing the mood. (Video 3)

  ✔️  How to make your bedroom ideal for sex. Hint: when you make these changes you and your partner will be able to enjoy sex more deeply. (Video 4)

  ✔️  What a guy can do do if he can't get it up. Plus, how a woman can support him if he can't get it up. (Video 5)

  ✔️  A key realization that will relieve anxiety around sex. (Video 5)

  ✔️  A simple exercise that will increase a man’s control over ejaculation. (Video 5)

  ✔️  What to do to reduce your arousal during sex and increase stamina. (Video 5)

  ✔️  Why a woman's sexual energy gets blocked and a simple 2-step process to awaken it again. (Video 6)

In this module you will learn:

  ✔️  The #1 block to experiencing states of ecstasy during sex and how to shift it. (Video 1)

  ✔️  How sacred sexuality can actually get you high like a drug (without the bad side effects) (Video 2)

  ✔️  A mindset shift that will allow you to harness your sexual energy longer rather than just releasing (through ejaculation for example). A nice side effect of this is the likelihood of heightened states of consciousness. (Video 3)

  ✔️  The 3 types of breaths that help you activate your sexual energy. Hint: You can amplify the effect by adding a certain sound and movement. Plus, doing this with a partner results in synchronized arousal. (Video 4)

  ✔️  The most common intention for sex set by religions, and how to move beyond it. (Video 5)

  ✔️  A simple 7-week plan for sex with your partner which often leads to heightened states of consciousness and feelings of bliss. (Video 5)

  ✔️  3 simple actions to help you become present just prior to sex. (Video 6)

  ✔️  Why using stimulation techniques on your partner can actually be a huge mistake and what to do FIRST to ensure those techniques work. (Video 6)

  ✔️  What to do after sex to best transfer the energy into your daily life. (Video 7)

In this module you will learn:

  ✔️  Why trying to communicate using logic in a relationship is a losing game and what to do instead. Hint: Most men need to know this. (Video 2)

  ✔️  3 communication mistakes that kill relationships and how a simple Buddhist principle can help you avoid them. (Video 3)

  ✔️  What to do when your lover becomes emotionally volatile. Hint: it's not the most obvious approach yet it resolves fights much quicker...and may even lead to hot sex. (Video 3)

  ✔️  A simple question to ask your partner that allows you to support them through a tough time. Hint: Most guys never ask this question, instead they go directly into “fix it” mode. (Video 3)

  ✔️  Why trying to fix your partner is a losing battle, and a simple yet counter-intuitive way to end the need to fix others. (Video 4)

  ✔️  A powerful question to ask your partner whenever they hit a tough time. Hint: it's more helpful than trying to fix them. (Video 4)

  ✔️  What to do if you're partner is trying to manipulate you. Note: Once you recognize this you can address the root of the problem and break the cycle. (Video 5)

  ✔️  The relationship habit that often leads to arguments and why this 1 statement can pre-emptively avoid them. (Video 6)

  ✔️  The antidote to neediness inside a relationship. Hint: If you don't do this regularly you're likely pushing away your lover with neediness right now. (Video 7)

  ✔️  If you're partner has ever said "you never listen to me" then you need to try this simple communication technique which almost always results in them feeling heard and understood. Hint: this is often used in business to gain rapport with a client before a big sale yet it works even better in relationships. (Video 8)

  ✔️  A gesture that genuinely connects you with your partner's feelings. Do this any time you want to increase the level of intimacy between you and your lover. (Video 9)

  ✔️  A technique you can use to tap into your feeling. Note: When you do it, you'll be aware of your body's sensations and you'll experience a gradual increase in fulfilment. Plus, as a side-effect, you’ll instinctively know what your lover is feeling without them even speaking. (Video 9)

  ✔️  What to do before you address a conflict with your partner. Note: Doing this quick step can help avoid long drawn out arguments and even inspire MORE intimacy from your partner. (Video 9)

  ✔️  JP’s 4-step formula for communicating. Note: Use this formula to side-step defensiveness from your partner and resolve fights quickly. (Video 10)

In this module you will learn:

  ✔️  The foundation for all healthy sexual relationships. If you skip this step, any technique or method is short lived at best. (Video 2)

  ✔️  The key to having a magnetism that attracts others to you. Hint: This isn't about a sex technique or becoming rich and successful or fit, it's about something so much more foundational which you can do it right now. (Video 2)

  ✔️  A 1-minute daily reflection that generates a powerful inner warmth that attracts others. (Video 2)

  ✔️  Why most of us grew up with thoughts of "I'm not good enough" and became stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage. Plus, 3 steps to move beyond it. (Video 3)

  ✔️  2 ways we reject ourselves during sex and why being a bit more selfish is actually good for everyone. Note: This is NOT being'll learn this important distinction. (Video 4)

  ✔️  A simple method for harnessing intuition so you'll know what to do in any situation. (Video 4)

  ✔️  A new way of looking at masturbation that automatically clears away guilt and shame from our upbringing. (Video 5)

  ✔️  A quick mantra or "prayer" to use right before masturbation to enhance your sexual pleasure Note: This also makes you a better lover during sex. (Video 5)

  ✔️  Why giving up porn "cold turkey" is not the best approach and what to do instead. (Video 5)

In this module you will learn:

   ✔️  How to know when we've truly "healed" our past and what it takes to get there. (Video 2)

  ✔️  4 Signs that your past is holding you back. (Video 3)

  ✔️  What to do BEFORE you dig into your past. Note: This simple preparation step will give you to inner resources to finally end pain from the past. (Video 4)

  ✔️  Why past events can change our neurology leading us to expect more of the same. Note: By knowing how our body stores stressful events in our cells, we can consciously reprogram our memories for improved future experiences. (Video 5)

  ✔️  A 5-minute physical exercise to clear stress and reset your mood. (Video 6)

  ✔️  Is your mind continually replaying a painful memory? Use this 4-minute guided meditation to end the loop. (Video 6)

  ✔️  2 Powerful Resources that will rapidly clear away physical and sexual trauma from your body. (Video 6)

  ✔️  How to practice “aspecting”. Hint: This incredibly powerful technique resolves conflicts with parents, lovers, or others who may have hurt or betrayed you...even if they’re no longer alive. (Video 7)

  ✔️  A 13-minute guided "re-patterning" process that will change how past memories are stored in your brain. Note: This is sort of like an emotional "upgrade" that will clear away stuck thoughts and feelings about the past. (Video 8)

  ✔️  If you always feel stuck in the past or constantly sabotage yourself with doubts of failure, ask this 1 question. Hint: Answering this honestly could be the missing "piece" to breaking free from past traumas and patterns. (Video 9)

  ✔️  A quick and satisfying "ritual" to release patterns and beliefs from the past. (Video 9)

  ✔️  Why negative emotions can be incredibly useful when you take this perspective. Note: Most of society doesn’t share this view, yet when you do, it will improve all your relationships and even attract better quality people to you. 

In this module you will learn:

  ✔️  The 2 core fears that drive most relationships, plus the 1 realization that helps you transcend them both. (Video 1)

  ✔️  What it really means when we're "betrayed" by our partner. (Video 1)

  ✔️  Why most people react when they feel negative emotion and what to do instead. Hint: learning this simple technique will allow you to master your emotions. (Video 1)

  ✔️  The most powerful negative emotion and 3 techniques to transform it into creativity and drive. (Video 1)

  ✔️  How to embrace the dark parts of yourself so they no longer control you but instead manifest in healthy ways. Note: Once you start doing this addictions will fall away and you’ll find more confidence, sensuality, and whatever else was missing from your life. (Video 2)

  ✔️  Why we must question our model of relationships if we want to clear our 2 core fears. Hint: We learned this model during childhood and most people never question it, but once you do, old relationship issues will seem to fade away. (Video 3)

  ✔️  A "Kundalini" technique you can use to soothe your partner when they're going through a tough time. Hint: This may be the first time they've felt truly held since childhood. Plus, you can use it on yourself for the same effect. (Video 4)

  ✔️  A simple yet counter-intuitive way to inspire love in your partner. Hint: this is especially powerful right before you talk about a disagreement. (Video 5)

  ✔️  Why we're conditioned to blame others when a relationship issue comes up, and how to condition ourselves to respond in a conscious and supportive way. Hint: Do this to pre-emptively resolve fights before they start. (Video 6)

  ✔️  How we can use self-pleasuring to heal stuck emotions. Hint: by masturbating in this way, you can become a better lover every time you self-pleasure. (Video 7)

In this module you will learn:

  ✔️  Why many of us enter the dating world deceptively and end up betraying ourselves. Hint: This quick test will tell you when you're ready to date and get sexual in a romantic relationship. (Video 2)

  ✔️  Single? Here are 5 ways to set yourself up for a new lover. Hint: #3 may feel a bit childish yet it helps you unconsciously be more open to meeting someone. (Video 3)

  ✔️  How to handle "deal-breakers." (Video 4)

  ✔️  How to shift from hoping to KNOWING your next relationship will arrive. (Video 5)

  ✔️  How to support and celebrate your partner's success. Note: Too often people become codependent in relationships and strangle their partner’s dreams yet this perspective helps both of you grow. (Video 6)

  ✔️  3 quick ways to supercharge your connection with your lover. Note: These are especially powerful when done first thing in the morning. (Video 7)

In this module you will learn:

  ✔️  How to develop an "energy" that makes others feel relaxed and safe around you. (Video 1)

  ✔️  2 ways to build healthy masculine energy. Note: most of society pushes us away to the dark side of masculinity yet this practice will help you stay on the healthy side. (Video 2)

  ✔️  The 1 skill men MUST learn that makes others respect them more and see them as mature. Note: If a man isn’t already doing this, he’s likely turning women off and not knowing why. (Video 3)

  ✔️  The 1 ability that allows you to be the leader in any relationship conflict. (Video 4)

  ✔️  What to do in a crisis. Note: This type of event only happens 4 or 5 times in a life and can be a HUGE opportunity. It will change the way you look at break-ups and even death. (Video 5)

  ✔️  A key distinction between men and women that will radically alter your view of sexual and relationship dynamics. Hint: This approach can be used for men to increase sexual pleasure for a woman, and for women to increase intimacy with a man. (Video 6)

  ✔️  4 signs of healthy masculine energy in a woman plus how the shadow shows up in subtle ways for them. (Video 7)

  ✔️  How to be an example of healthy masculine in your daily life, especially if you have kids. (
Video 8)

  ✔️  3 quick ways to supercharge your connection with your lover. Note: These are especially powerful when done first thing in the morning. (Video 7)

In this module you will learn:

  ✔️  How to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy feminine energy. (Video 2)

  ✔️  2 signs of the wounded feminine within our self and how we can heal it. (Video 3) 

  ✔️  Why women create drama...and how to fix it. Note: once a guy understands this, both partners can avoid so much heartache and stress. (Video 4)

  ✔️  The 5 primal needs of women and why she often manipulates men to meet these needs. Hint: you'll never look at high-heels the same way after hearing this. (Video 5)

  ✔️  8 qualities of healthy feminine energy in a woman. Note: these qualities are typically covered up in our society but this video will help men recognize them and help women awaken them. (Video 6)

  ✔️  4 ways a man can engage his feminine energy. (Video 6)

  ✔️  The classic Disney movie that perfectly exemplifies how the wounded feminine awakens and embodies her power. (Video 6)

  ✔️  A prayer or "intention" to say regularly to stimulate the feminine within you. (Video 7)

  ✔️  The key shift that liberates a woman sexually from being dependent on men for sexual pleasure. Hint: After this shift, a woman can experience orgasms with or without a partner. (Video 8)

In this module you will learn: 

  ✔️  If the same relationship issues keep coming up, even when you find a new partner, then you need to hear this. (Video 1)

  ✔️  How to find a "love mentor." Note: This will transform not just your romantic relationship but all other relationships. (Video 2)

  ✔️  How to find your "love activity." Hint: Use this method to draw inspiration from strangers in your daily life. (Video 3)

  ✔️  A practice that helps you regularly give and receive loving energy. Note: This will likely be tough to start, especially in a romantic relationship, yet it will eventually supercharge every relationship in your life. (Video 4)

  ✔️  How to be more authentic. Note: Most people only share their wins with friends and on social media, yet you'll learn what to do instead. (Video 5)

  ✔️  What you must let go of before you can experience unconditional love with your partner. (Video 6) 

  ✔️  How to ask your partner for support. Note: Most men avoid this like the plague which leads to trust issues yet this simple method can be used instead. (Video 7)

  ✔️  How to recognize your hidden gifts. (Video 8)

  ✔️  How soak-up pleasure and joy from any day-to-day experience. (Video 9)


Who this course is for:

  ✔️  If you’re single and tired of the dating game, and instead just want to find someone you trust and who you feel completely attracted to and loved by, then this course IS for you. 

  ✔️  If you’re still hurting for your last relationship and want to move on and meet someone yet don’t feel completely ready, then this course IS for you. 

  ✔️  If you’re already in a committed relationship, yet often have arguments or misunderstandings with your lover, and want a set of tools to ensure the spark lasts forever, then this course IS for you.

  ✔️  If you’re in an amazing relationship and you want to take it to the next level, increasing your intimacy, connection, and sexual pleasure with your lover, then this course IS for you.

Who this course is not for:  

  ✔️  If you already have an amazing relationship that’s consistently growing in intimacy, connection, and sexual ecstasy, and you have no desire to make it better then this course is NOT for you.

  ✔️  If you’re single and want to enjoy sex with as many people as possible, without much concern for lasting intimate relationships, then this course is NOT for you. 

  ✔️  If you want to continue living the outdated model of relationships laid out by your parents, religion, and society, then this course is NOT for you.

Let’s face it... 

There are plenty of sex and relationship training programs out there yet most of them focus on quick fixes and short term band aids like sexual technique, pick up lines, or relationship “rules”. 

What good is a sexual technique if you’ve both been arguing all day over something trivial and aren’t in the mood for sex? 

“Core Issues” must be addressed in every relationship, otherwise the sexual flame with die out, leaving both partners exhausted and depressed. 

This course helps you build a solid foundation for you to have lasting intimacy, sexual attraction, and conscious LOVE with one another. It helps you get through the tough times FASTER so you can have MORE of the amazing times. 

Don’t get me wrong, we give you specific sex techniques to use in the bedroom, exact phrases to say in the middle of a fight, and simple rituals you can use daily to stay connected with your lover… 

Yet more than anything, we give you the tools to become fulfilled NOW, not later when someone else changes, or when you reach our next goal. 

We help you develop a sense of confidence and inner fullness that radiates forth from you, influencing every person you come in contact with, making them stop and take notice. 

Your relationship will become the model for others to question their lives and consider what is truly possible for them. 

Each course is accessible online through the member’s area where you’ll be able to watch each high-quality video on your computer, tablet, or phone. Plus, you’ll be able to leave comments or questions and interact with other students on each topic. 

How much does the sex and intimacy university cost? 

If you want to take a class at the local college or university, how much would you expect to pay? You may know educational costs are at an all time high. 

In fact, in-state public college for the 2015–2016 academic year averaged $24,061. That means for a typical 14-week semester, with 5-days a week of classes, it costs $171.86 per DAY of college.

You may be saying “yes but college has peers to talk to and teachers to give you feedback…” yet you have that here as well! 

Inside Raw Attraction’s Love and Sex University you’ll get access to an interactive community to share your most intimate questions and receive feedback...besides, some topics are better suited for an online experience and sex/relationships is one of those topics. 

Whether we're willing to admit it or not, many of us have hit some low points in our life where we needed help and support; someone to give us some perspective and tell us “it's going to be alright”. Heck, right now might be one of those times… 

What would it cost to have a coach or therapist guide us through this tough time? Hourly rates start at $100 and go all the way up to $250...for a single hour of time. Note: The price could be even higher for couples therapy(if you’re considering couples therapy, do yourself a favor and invest in this FIRST). 

How much of any problem is resolved in the first hour of a session like this? Not much. In fact, you'll most likely have to commit to many sessions before you see any tangible benefits. 

I'm not saying these services aren't valuable...on the contrary, they can be extremely helpful in our journey. 

I'm just saying to look at the cost of the education and support available to you and compare it to what I'm about to offer…. 

For a very limited time 

These courses normally sell for a combined price of $1240 but for this limited time you can join for just $297!   

Is your love life and sexuality worth a small investment? 


Yes, for the same price of one day at college or a single hour or two of therapy, you can enroll in the sex and intimacy university with 5 unique and exciting classes taught by 10 expert instructors and get lifetime access, as well as one on one support from me. 

Receive guided meditations to re-program your relationship “blueprint”, daily rituals that enhance intimacy, and physical exercises for mind-blowing conscious sex... all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Try it Risk Free.  

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Do you always want to just get by in your relationship? Deep down, not knowing if your lover might eventually find someone “better”, or even worse, will secretly cheat on you… 

Do you want to continue trying to figure out all this sex and intimacy stuff out by yourself? Occasionally checking-in with friends when things get tough, listening to their half-baked advice, and then going back to your old comfort zone with your lover. 

If you’re not growing and developing together, then you’re getting too comfortable. While yes comfort is good, if it’s not combined with some level of growth in the relationship, it signals the eventual death of intimacy and sexual attraction. 

Don’t let this happen! 

Most of us value education when it comes to our career, or to our health, or learning a new skill, yet we rarely invest in our relationships and sexuality. 

Now is the chance to choose your dream relationship. One where you feel completely connected, one where sex energizes and enlivens both of you, one where you awaken the creativity in each other and constantly pushing each other to new heights of love and fulfillment. 

Instead of fighting over who’s supposed to do the dishes, you could be having rapturous sex on the kitchen table. 

Instead of arguing about money, you could be discovering your relationship’s deeper sense of purpose and mission in the world. 

Instead of playing out the same relationship problems as your parents, you could create a new model of relationships, one that would make your friends and family take notice. 

Instead of arguing for days over a simple misunderstanding, you could resolve the issue in minutes, and even use it as an opportunity to deepen your connection and heal old wounds with amazing sex. 

The choice is clear… do you want a relationship that’s deeply satisfying and fulfilling on all levels? 

Do you want to learn from world-renowned experts? 

Or do you want to risk asking your friends for relationship and sex advice and leave it up to chance? 

With love, 

Stephen James Burford
Founder, Raw Attraction Magazine
Founder, University of Love & Sexuality

P.S. These courses WILL improve your sexual chemistry, intimacy, and overall love and attraction with your lover. If you’re single, then it will make it easier to experience all of those with your next partner (and even attract them to you quicker). 

Remember, you have nothing to lose with my 30-day guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason, you get all your money back.


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If I could finally sum up what ULS will do for you it is with these words... 

We provide the foundational structure and support for you to have a joyous and blissful love & sex life. Forever.

With the course we give you the structure and practical tools of how to start thinking about your love & sex life as well as the relationship to yourself. 

With our loving support, we are available at all times... especially when you are in crisis... whether you are single or in relationship. We are here to provide that support.

Whether you are a guy wanting to attract someone new, or a woman who wants to find the right guy... we are here to help you bring that person into your life.

Or, if you are in a relationship and just want to live the highest potential of that relationship... we guarantee we can help you do that!

There isn't anywhere else with this structure and this support anywhere else online.

And we will continue to update the course and support you, no matter if it is one day from now or in fifteen years from now.

We hope to see you on the inside! And if not, we wish you happy love and sex lives forever!

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For your interest: Our billing will say, 'Inspired Publications Limited'. This is the name of our company. 

Please note: We are not an official university. We do not offer degree courses. We offer tools, courses, support, and structure for those who want to improve their love & sex life. If you want an official degree certification please look elsewhere.  

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