Communication Mastery With JP Sears

Become A Master Communicator

Communication Is A Learnable Art Form That You Can Improve Every Day! | taught by JP Sears

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Course Curriculum

An Introduction To JP Sears
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What Is Communication?
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The Problem With Trying To Fix Your Partner
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What Are Communication Obligations?
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What Are Communication Expectations?
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How To Ask For What You Want
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How To Hear Your Partner
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How To Have Heart Centered Communication
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JP's Model Of Communication
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Course description

You wil learn:

  • Why trying to communicate using logic in a relationship is a losing game and what to do instead. Hint: Most men need to know this.
  • JP Sears's three communication mistakes that kill relationships and how a simple Buddhist principle can help you avoid them.
  • What to do when your lover becomes emotionally volatile. Hint: it's not the most obvious approach yet it resolves fights much quicker...and may even lead to hot sex.
  • A simple question to ask your partner that allows you to support them through a tough time. Hint: Most guys never ask this question, instead they go directly into “fix it” mode.
  • Why trying to fix your partner is a losing battle, and a simple yet counter-intuitive way to end the need to fix others.
  • A powerful question to ask your partner whenever they hit a tough time. Hint: it's more helpful than trying to fix them.
  • What to do if you're partner is trying to manipulate you. Note: Once you recognize this you can address the root of the problem and break the cycle.
  • The relationship habit that often leads to arguments and why this 1 statement can pre-emptively avoid them.
  • The antidote to neediness inside a relationship. Hint: If you don't do this regularly you're likely pushing away your lover with neediness right now.
  • If you're partner has ever said "you never listen to me" then you need to try this simple communication technique which almost always results in them feeling heard and understood. Hint: this is often used in business to gain rapport with a client before a big sale yet it works even better in relationships.
  • A gesture that genuinely connects you with your partner's feelings. Do this any time you want to increase the level of intimacy between you and your lover.
  • A technique you can use to tap into your feeling. Note: When you do it, you'll be aware of your body's sensations and you'll experience a gradual increase in fulfilment. Plus, as a side-effect, you’ll instinctively know what your lover is feeling without them even speaking.
  • What to do before you address a conflict with your partner. Note: Doing this quick step can help avoid long drawn out arguments and even inspire MORE intimacy from your partner.
  • JP Sears’s 4-step formula for communicating. Note: Use this formula to side-step defensiveness from your partner and resolve fights quickly.

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JP Sears
JP Sears
Senior Instructor

JP Sears is an emotional healing coach, international teacher, world traveller, and a curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. JP presents classes, workshops, online seminars, and leads retreats at numerous locations around the world on inner healing and growth. He is also very active on his Youtube channel, where he encourages healing and growth through his entertainingly informative and inspiring videos. His videos have accumulated well over 500 million views.

JP holds certification as a Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner through the Holistic Coaching Institute in Columbus, OH.

In JP’s section, he will teach you how to have better communication. Such a crucial aspect of relating in every single relationship you have!

JP’s Testimonials

“JP has given me the gift of internal reflection which allows me to see things clearly and through loving eyes. My experience through working with JP is that he is caring, sensitive, insightful and genuine.” – David, UK

“There is one word that sums up all that is JP Sears and that word is “Grace”. I have never known someone as intuitive and gentle as JP Sears. In all the times I have interacted with him he has never passed judgment on anyone. He is forgiving, loving, caring, empathetic and genuinely one powerful human being.” – Kris, New Jersey