Emotional Mastery Video Course with Chantelle Boscarello

Learn The Tools For Emotional Mastery

Become A True Master of Your Emotions And Live In Harmony Rather Than Reaction And Fear! | taught by Chantelle Boscarello

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Course Curriculum

An Introduction To Chantelle
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An Overview of Emotional Mastery
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The Golden Shadow & The Dark Shadow
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The Inner Child
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What To Do When When The Inner Child Is Activated
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Tools For The Inner Child
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How To Take Responsibility for Your Emotions
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The Benefits of Bodywork
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Use These Powerful Emotional Release Tools
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There Is No Need To Fix. Just Remember.
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Course description

You will learn:

  • The two core fears that drive most relationships, plus the one realization that helps you transcend them both.
  • What it really means when we're "betrayed" by our partner.
  • Why most people react when they feel negative emotion and what to do instead. Hint: learning this simple technique will allow you to master your emotions.
  • The most powerful negative emotion and three techniques to transform it into creativity and drive.

  • How to embrace the dark parts of yourself so they no longer control you but instead manifest in healthy ways. Note: Once you start doing this addictions will fall away and you’ll find more confidence, sensuality, and whatever else was missing from your life.
  • Why we must question our model of relationships if we want to clear our two core fears. Hint: We learned this model during childhood and most people never question it, but once you do, old relationship issues will seem to fade away.
  • A "Kundalini" technique you can use to soothe your partner when they're going through a tough time. Hint: This may be the first time they've felt truly held since childhood. Plus, you can use it on yourself for the same effect.
  • A simple yet counter-intuitive way to inspire love in your partner. Hint: this is especially powerful right before you talk about a disagreement.
  • Why we're conditioned to blame others when a relationship issue comes up, and how to condition ourselves to respond in a conscious and supportive way. Hint: Do this to pre-emptively resolve fights before they start.

  • How we can use self-pleasuring to heal stuck emotions. Hint: by masturbating in this way, you can become a better lover every time you self-pleasure.

Please note: We are not an official university. We do not offer degree courses. We offer tools, courses, support, and structure for those who want to improve their love & sex life. If you want an official degree certification please look elsewhere.

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Chantelle Boscarello
Chantelle Boscarello
Senior Instructor

Chantelle Boscarello BA (Hons) in Anthroposophy from Perth, Australia takes us through this piece. Chantelle is a Sacred Sexual Healer & Transformational Guide, international speaker, facilitator and writer.

Chantelle’s extensive experience in Tantra allows her to effectively guide seekers to a place of awakening. As an accomplished and gifted sexual shaman, Chantelle works with passion, joy, wisdom and a deep reverence for the Earth.

In her module she will give you an extensive list of tools to give you emotional mastery. We all have an emotional bank account and if there is nothing in that bank account it will affect all parts of our life… our financial life… our sex life… and all our relationships. It’s time to get a bigger emotional bank account!

Chantelle’s Testimonials…

“After so many years of going through this stuff, I finally feel that I’ll be able to “rewire” my neural pathways and will see change. Getting back to freedom – that inner child’s play and joy is my aim… You helped me know that I deserve that. It is my path” – Anon

“You took me by the hand and helped me see what wonderful gifts our World has to offer. Bring it on brave new World! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom, empathy and generous spirit. Thank you for an extraordinary shamanic journey!” – Anon