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The University of Love & Sexuality is the leading place online for to learn about conscious love & sex.

We have spent nearly 5 years sourcing the world's best teachers to come and teach what nobody was taught in school.

Our teachers have featured on The BBC, Playboy TV, Huffington Post, and many more. Their work has touched more than 20 million people online and offline.

We are also the same team behind the world's first conscious relationships and sexuality magazine, Raw Attraction.

This course come with free copies Raw Attraction Magazine.

Thank you for being here! See you on the inside!

Meet some of our expert teachers such as JP Sears (top center photo below), Ruby May, David Bruce Leonard, Shashi Solluna (top left photo below), Triambika Ma Vive (top right photo below), Chantelle Raven (bottom right photo), Araminta Barbour (bottom left photo), Vanessa Petronelli, and Rick Gabrielly (bottom center photo).

In this free course you will also receive a free copy of our book, Collapsing The 9 Love Struggles (pdf and audiobook worth $39.99) and 3 free copies of our Raw Attraction Magazine.

Come and join the fun with Steve and JP!

In this free course you will learn:

❤️ The #1 action that keeps your sex life alive in a long term relationship. Hint: do this at least once a week

❤️ How to flirt inside a long term relationship to keep sexual energy alive.

❤️ The #1 block to experiencing states of ecstasy during sex and how to shift it.

❤️ How sacred sexuality can actually get you high like a drug (without the bad side effects)

❤️ 3 communication mistakes that kill relationships and how a simple Buddhist principle can help you avoid them.

❤️ What to do when your lover becomes emotionally volatile. Hint: it's not the most obvious approach yet it resolves fights much quicker...and may even lead to hot sex.

❤️ The foundation for all healthy sexual relationships. If you skip this step, any technique or method is short lived at best.

❤️ The key to having a magnetism that attracts others to you. Hint: This isn't about a sex technique or becoming rich and successful or fit, it's about something so much more foundational which you can do it right now.

❤️ How to know when we've truly "healed" our past and what it takes to get there.

❤️ The 4 Signs that your past is holding you back.

❤️ How to handle "deal-breakers" in dating or relationship.

❤️ What to do in a crisis. Note: This type of event only happens 4 or 5 times in a life and can be a HUGE opportunity. It will change the way you look at break-ups and even death.

❤️ A key distinction between men and women that will radically alter your view of sexual and relationship dynamics. Hint: This approach can be used for men to increase sexual pleasure for a woman, and for women to increase intimacy with a man.

❤️ How to ask your partner for support. Note: Most men avoid this like the plague which leads to trust issues yet this simple method can be used instead.

Course Contents

9 Videos
9 Texts
9 Disqus
10 Audios
3.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

How To Identify Issues In Our Past That Hold Us Back with Araminta Barbour