Create A Vision Of Your Perfect Relationship

How To Create & Manifest A Limitless Relationship

Learn The Tools To Create What You Desire | taught by Vanessa Petronelli

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Course Curriculum

An Introduction To Vanessa
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How To Create The Vision
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How To Create Space For Them
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Your Non Negotiables
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Keep The Faith
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How To Co-Create The Perfect Vision
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The Day To Day Vision
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The Evolving Vision
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Course description

You will learn:

  • Why many of us enter the dating world deceptively and end up betraying ourselves. Hint: This quick test will tell you when you're ready to date and get sexual in a romantic relationship.
  • Single? Here are 5 ways to set yourself up for a new lover. Hint: #3 may feel a bit childish yet it helps you unconsciously be more open to meeting someone.
  • How to handle "deal-breakers."
  • How to shift from hoping to KNOWING your next relationship will arrive.
  • How to support and celebrate your partner's success. Note: Too often people become codependent in relationships and strangle their partner’s dreams yet this perspective helps both of you grow.
  • 3 quick ways to supercharge your connection with your lover. Note: These are especially powerful when done first thing in the morning.

Please note: We are not an official university. We do not offer degree courses. We offer tools, courses, support, and structure for those who want to improve their love & sex life. If you want an official degree certification please look elsewhere.

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Vanessa Petronelli
Vanessa Petronelli
Senior Instructor

For the past six years, Vanessa Petronelli has helped hundreds of people powerfully transform their love lives. Whether through intensive one-on-one work or live events, she turns people’s pain and confusion into joy and success. A former yoga teacher, model, actress and pop singer, Vanessa infuses her personal and spiritual wisdom into her writing, teaching and speaking.

In her module she will teach you about how to create that vision whether you are single or partnered. This is so crucial in today’s world. Things change all the time and to have the self awareness of what you want is pivotal in creating the love life of your dreams.

Vanessa’s Testimonials…

“Today, I am engaged to the man of my dreams. I truly feel rewarded for my hard work in building my trust, faith and kindness towards myself and Life. Vanessa gave me the tools that I needed to equip myself to make way for him to walk into my life. All I can say is, I couldn’t have made it this far without this awesome woman.” – RB

“Once I opened myself up to more possibilities, and did the work with Vanessa my life completely changed. After only working with her for a few months, I met my now fiancée. I wake up every day grateful to have him in my life. If it wasn’t for Vanessa I don’t know that I would have ever found the courage to leave my ex. I am happy and I am forever grateful to Vanessa for providing me with the tools, guidance, and courage to help me find and live out my happiness and my very own fairy tale.” – Magdzia M.