Self Love Mastery with Ruby May

How To Truly Love Yourself (So You Can Love Another)

Learn Why Self Love Is The Core Foundation Of All Relationships | taught by Ruby May

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Course Curriculum

An Introduction To Ruby May
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What is Self Love?
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How To Accept Yourself
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The Struggle With Self Love
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Self Love Issues
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Sexuality & Self Love
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Course description

You will learn:

  • The foundation for all healthy sexual relationships. If you skip this step, any technique or method is short lived at best.
  • The key to having a magnetism that attracts others to you. Hint: This isn't about a sex technique or becoming rich and successful or fit, it's about something so much more foundational which you can do it right now.
  • A 1-minute daily reflection that generates a powerful inner warmth that attracts others.
  • Why most of us grew up with thoughts of "I'm not good enough" and became stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage. Plus, 3 steps to move beyond it.
  • 2 ways we reject ourselves during sex and why being a bit more selfish is actually good for everyone. Note: This is NOT being'll learn this important distinction.
  • A simple method for harnessing intuition so you'll know what to do in any situation.
  • A new way of looking at masturbation that automatically clears away guilt and shame from our upbringing.
  • A quick mantra or "prayer" to use right before masturbation to enhance your sexual pleasure Note: This also makes you a better lover during sex.
  • Why giving up porn "cold turkey" is not the best approach and what to do instead.

Please note: We are not an official university. We do not offer degree courses. We offer tools, courses, support, and structure for those who want to improve their love & sex life. If you want an official degree certification please look elsewhere.

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Ruby May
Ruby May
Senior Instructor

Ruby May is a truth-seeking, edge-dwelling and earth loving creative visionary whose international workshops and rituals weave her passion for play, embodiment and authenticity with her Love for creating magical and transformative spaces.

Since she was very small, she has always been committed to exploring layers of Truth, and the discernment between this and conditioning around her. Sexuality was a powerful catalyst and gateway into much insight and wisdom and she was drawn into the emerging field of conscious sexuality for ten years, using her own healing to support others in letting go of their shame, developing self-compassion, connecting to and experiencing deeper aspects of our core and connection to life. She is so excited to share this Self Love journey with you!

Ruby’s Testimonials…

“Wow. Wow. Wow. Such an indescribably beautiful and powerful (and fun!!!) experience. What a precious gift you are Ruby May. Such an honor to witness you lovingly encourage and hold space for each person to embrace themselves as their own precious gift. Truly extraordinary“ – Justine Speed, Byron Bay

“All my chakras have aligned, my heart has burst open like a ripe peach. This has been a remarkably quick but deep journey through resistance, old prejudices and isolation. At 61, I have opened to more aliveness, joy and potential.” – Avalyn