The University of Love & Sexuality was formed in 2016 after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Our founder, Stephen James Burford, has brought together 10 of the world's finest experts to cover a fundamental structure that we believe should have been taught to us at school, but never was.

All of our teachers have a combined teaching experience of over 250 years. All of them have facilitated in person workshops internationally in their respective fields.

With our amazing teachers and the modules of our course which covers:

❤️ Self Love Mastery

❤️ How To Heal Past Wounds

❤️ Emotional Mastery

❤️ Communication Mastery & Self Awareness

❤️ Understanding Masculine Dynamics

❤️ Understanding Feminine Dynamics

❤️ Embodying Unconditional Love

❤️ Creating/Co-Creating A Vision of The Future

❤️ Sacred Sexuality & Intimacy

We firmly believe that we will create a truly thriving, limitless, and joyful relationship. Now, who wouldn't want that?

We also believe it doesn't matter whether you are single or partnered, this course will make a huge difference to your life. If you are single, it will prepare you for what is coming and help you attract the right partner. If you are partnered it will give you access to new levels of compassion, communication, understanding, and joy.

Not only have we created this university, but we also founded a magazine and podcast in 2012 called Raw Attraction Magazine.

We have a podcast app with you can download on your iPhone or Android phone.

We are committed to your bliss when it comes to love and sexuality.

We are at your service, always.

Please note, we don't offer official degrees. Our company name is, Inspired Publications Limited based in London, UK. We simply offer transformational courses about love and sexuality.