Here are some frequently asked questions about our full course and their corresponding answers.

When do you open the full course?

We open the course every 3 months so we can take our members through a full transformation. If you sign up to our free course you will get notified when the next opening is.

The full course will give you the foundational structure in which to base the relationship with yourself and your relationship with others. 

It will show you how to navigate the path of love when things get stormy and it will show you how to create an intimate relationship that becomes fulfilling on a deep soul level. 

If you are single, the full will give you the confidence to attract the right partner for you and then make that relationship a success. 

If you are partnered, the course will show you how to take that partnership and make it thrive!

Is there one on one help when I get inside the university? 


You will have access to a phone number to which you can send a free message to at any time to get help with your love life. Have a crisis with your partner? Send a message to the number and we'll get back to you. 

You can also get involved in the discussion forum and on the message boards. 

You can message this number in four years time if you need to.

We are here to help. For life.

Do I get free upgrades for life? 


As we grow, we are going to expand the course with new teachers and all these will be included for you as a member. However, there may be some extra courses that we add to the university at an extra one off cost due the relationship we have with the expert who will be teaching that course.

Life. Baby. We are here for life!

I have severe trauma from my past. Will this course help me overcome it?

Overcoming sexual trauma, psychological trauma, grief, these are all issues that many of our students have. In fact, most of the world has some kind of trauma whether it be from parents, culture, or a severe event that happened in their lives. 

As with any healing process, we have found it useful to remember that there will never be one thing, or one person that will solve everything for you. 

Healing from these types of events often means doing a multitude of things such as taking a course like this and using the tools we give you, to reading books from other survivors who have been through something similar, or having one on one counselling or bodywork with an experienced trauma practitioner. It could also include a variety of other things depending on what calls your heart and soul to do. 

By all means, we think the course will help you move further along your journey and our experts can point you in the right direction as you find that path to completion, joy, and wholeness again. But, as a warning and we repeat.. please don't think that any one course or person will heal you. You are your own healer and best friend. 

You must be guided by your intuition and heart to use the tools that best serve you to move forward. 

We love you.

Is this a spiritual course? 

It depends what you perceive as spiritual. 

We like to think everything is spiritual in some sense. 

We would say the course will dramatically increase your self awareness about what is possible with love and sexuality. 

Spirituality and sacredness is all about perspective. 

You could view the phone you are holding or the laptop you are using as sacred if you wanted to. 

You can certainly view this course as sacred and spiritual. Many people do.

Will this course make me better in bed?


We do have specific sections on sex, sacred sex, and intimacy but the rest of the course really prepares you for the sex. 

After all, you need the solid foundation of a thriving relationship for the sex to be full of love and joy. Without that, what are you really doing? Having one night stands with your partner? 

Doing a specific course only about tantra or sex will not give you the full foundation on which to build your love and sex life. 

We will continue to expand our sex based course as we move forward. We believe anything is possible in the bedroom. 

From heart orgasms, throat orgasms, hallucination orgasms, soul sex, multi-dimensional space orgasms to whatever comes next. Our founder and our teachers have all experienced these things and they will help you to do the same. 

Could this course save my relationship/marriage? 

If you are both committed to it and committed to love, yes. 

If this is the case, we will do our best to help save the relationship with you. But you will need to do the work and stay committed! Are you? Then join us. You can ask us any question at any time. 

We look forward to making you one of our success stories!

I am single. Will this course help me attract a new partner?

Yes. It sure will!

Why? Because it will become super clear to you what you need to find in a partner to make the relationship joyful, happy, and successful.

You will be able to clear out pain from past relationships and attract something new, instead of attracting a relationship that repeats the same patterns as the last one.

You will be confident in who you are and what you can offer to your next partner.

How much time will this take me?

How much time do you have to learn wisdom and tools that can change your life? 

We see this as a life long learning. 

Sure, you could watch all the videos in a few days and forget about them after a month but what good will that do? 

These are teachings for life and teachings you can keep coming back to as we continue to improve and expand on them. 

Joining ULS is a commitment and investment for life, not just for 8 weeks.